Shopping List, Wish List?


As much as I believe in there being a greater purpose for mankinds existence, I think we all still enjoy being petty, and downright capitalistic!

Saving energy resources, going ‘green’, helping old people and sick kids, giving to charity, aiding those in need, and generally just doing anything “good” and morally right feels great, sure, but will it sustain me throughout my whole life?  But then again, neither will worldly possessions.  I’ve been succumbing to my materialistic desires nowadays, more often than not, and definitely more often than what I’m comfortable with.  There are just so many things I want, all expensive and pretty and shiny and new, and the list just keeps growing.

For example, right now, I am coveting this Valentino 360 Black Sequins bag that I saw on the latest episode of Gossip Girl.




Other items I would LOVE to own would be a couple of Jennifer Behr headbands, the Birkin, a few odd pairs of ‘Choos and ‘Blahniks and possibly the entire retail stock of Bergdorf Goodman.  Not much, eh?

I sound so horribly materialistic and designer-obsessed.  But I cant help it!  I KNOW I am not going to spend hundreds of dollars buying all these things, so I guess its not so wrong of me to simply desire them deeply.  Right?