About Me: I write

I don’t know much about blogging.  But I do know a lil’ bit about writing, and every day, that store of information grows because, every time I write, I learn something new.

I write for fun, I write to de-stress, I write when I am angry, exuberant or downcast.  I write to induce nostalgia, and also to erase it; I write to pour our my heart, I also write to soothe it.  I write when I am confused, concerned or just plain bored.  I write when I am hyper and upbeat, but also when I am whiny and lethargic.  I write when I wake up bright and early, and I write as my eyes droopily close just before I sink into slumber.  I write on frosty winter nights, but also on humid summer afternoons.  I write when it rains, and when I wish it would.  I write to advocate and debate, and also to challenge and change. 

I write.  Plain and simple.  And I’ll keep on writing.



  1. Hey basmah! I know this is weird but I just read your comment almost a year ago on the ‘About Me’ page from my WordPress blog a few days ago! That’s so cool to know someone who’s going through a similiar experience in Lahore:D . You’ve got some great stuff here, keep it up!


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