Juice Master Day 1: Cold, very cold

So, as the self-explanatory title suggests, today was the first day for our Juice Master 7-Day detox.  I say our because I am, thankfully, not doing this alone.  Joining me on this crazy ride are my sister and her husband.

We were all pretty pumped yesterday, checking our weight and making competitive remarks about who would be the most successful.  End of Day 1 and we’re all tired and in no mood to speak in anything louder than a whisper.

So this is how my day went:

8 AM: Hot water with either fresh lemon and mint
9:30 AM: JM’s Super Juice
11:30 AM: JM’s Super Juice
2:30 PM: JM’s Super Chute Juice

6:45-8:00 PM: Workout

8:15 PM: JM’s Turbo Express 
9:30 PM: JM’s Lemon/ Ginger Zinger
10:30 PM: Fennel or mint tea or JM’s Hot ‘ n’ Spicy

The Good Part

I love all the juices!

And no, I am not just saying that to convince myself, they actually taste pretty damn good.


Breakfast (Super Juice), Lunch (Super Chute Juice), Dinner (Lemon Ginger Zinger)

When you imagine ginger and beetroot and lemon together, your first instinct is to cringe.  But honestly, I enjoyed it a lot.  My favourite juice from today is definitely the JM Super Chute Juice.  Of course, the fact that it was a lovely deep purple certainly helped!

The Super Juice I had for breakfast was bearable.  It’s just very, very green so even though it tastes decent enough, the fact that it’s SO green made me painfully aware of how many veggies I was having altogether.

The Turbo Express, which I had at 8:15 pm, is actually meant to be taken at around 5 pm, but I decided to tweak the schedule a bit according to my day. And it worked, because the Turbo made a super yummy post-workout smoothie!

The Lemon Ginger Zinger is a treat for those who love something zesty and tangy, it’s definitely something I’d wanna have even after the 7 days.  And I suppose that is the whole point of this, to incorporate eating and drinking natural foods into your regular lifestyle.  I wouldn’t eat anything ginger-y normally, but in a juice, it tastes phenomenal!

I haven’t had the Hot’n’Spicy yet but so far, it smells pretty good.  It’s a combination of cinnamon and apples and looks a bit like caramel (there’s my mind playing games again and thinking of FOOD), so really, can’t be all that bad.

The Bad Part

The major bit of discomfort I experienced had more to do with my own body temperature than hunger.  The entire day, I’ve just been feeling very, very cold. I feel a bit chilly at the office anyways, but today was just unbearable! For a while there, I was even shivering.  Not fun.  I checked in with my sister throughout the day and she reported similarly.

Her and her husband also got pretty bad headaches throughout the day, but thankfully, I seem to have been spared those.  I guess since I don’t eat much anyways during the day, I didn’t get the hunger-headaches associated with lack of food.

I didn’t think I’d be able to work out much today and had even figured I’d take it easy since its the first day of juicing.  But the gym is a funny place that way.  Once you get there, you get all charged up and end up pushing yourself more than you’d originally planned. Anyways, there’s no such thing as a workout you regret!

Making all the juices is A LOT of work! I am lucky enough to have a sister who gladly does all the work like cutting dozens of apples and carrots and avocados every day and then putting it all through the juicer.  Each juice is made in a distinct way, and for the best taste, its advised to follow the recipe exactly. And that ain’t easy!


Prep for Day 2!

From what I’ve read, the second day is supposed to be a bit tougher.  But so far, I am really enjoying the juices.  I do miss chewing though, and I keep getting tempted to have an apple since it’s already going to go in the juice anyways but I wanna follow this to the tee.

One day down. Six more to go.


  1. If you can, get a juicer that has a wide chute, which reduces the chopping of the fruit and veg SIGNIFICANTLY! I would best suggest you dont miss that afternoon juice, even if before your gym – the juice will stay in your stomach for c15mins and then it goes through your system so you wont feel full and it wont come back up on you!! The reason you felt cold was a combination of psychological food cravings and your body detoxing of the toxins that you usually give your body and system. Did you juice for the full 7 days or a few days more? Let me know. It does get easier really fast, like anything new it seems hard and a lot of effort in the beginning, keep at it, I promise it DOES get easy and can be part of your daily lifestyle. Well done the 3 of you xxx


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