Winter, winter, where art thou?

I miss winter.  I miss experiencing finger-numbing cold, and exhaling out spirals of smoke that add little warmth to my hands but make me feel like I’m sort of chimney.  More than anything else, I miss dressing up for winter!

One of the best parts about living in Lahore for 4 years was that the city had 4 distinct seasons in a year, and reminded me of Toronto.  It meant I could splurge out on coats, and boots, and gloves, and berets and actually make use of all these things.  Now, sadly, my little winter collection sits mute and melancholy at the back of my closet, waiting for the day that Dubai, the city of two seasons (hot and less hot) gets struck by a freak snowstorm.

Meanwhile, all I can do is fervently hope for global warming to work its magic and sigh over the beauty of coats I’d love to be buying right now.


Oversized camel. Soft and snuggly.


Belted camel trench. Classic Jackie O style.


Leopard print linen, for the not-so-chilly days.


Fingerless gloves with a bow! Come on, these are adorable.


Winner! Ruffles, bow, grey, collar.


This. In electric blue. I swoon.

People keep saying that winter in Dubai is amazing, but really it’s more like Spring anywhere else.  Until it doesn’t become necessary to layer up and accessorize with wool, it’s not winter.  It’s just now.

p.s: images courtesy of Pinterest. My latest obsession.


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