My Friend, the Photographer

I have a friend who’s studying law. I’ve known her for almost 4 years and, for the life of me, I cannot figure out why she wants to be a lawyer. She’s sheepishly admitted that watching ‘Legally Blonde’ inspired her to aim for an LLB, and as charming as that sounds, I’ve begun to wonder whether it’s enough.

Don’t get me wrong, I love her, and if this is what she’s passionate about and happy to spend her life doing, then who am I to raise any objections? But the thing is, this girl’s got a talent. I can’t call it a skill because a skill is something that can be acquired by almost anyone, given some time and hard work. She’s a photographer, and what she can do with a lens, it’s not just a skill, its a gift. Now, the only experience I have with photographers is them telling me to “Smile, please!” or “Turn, please, miss” at weddings, but I’ve come to realise it really IS a form of art.

Wajiha Khuwaja is in her element behind the camera. It’s a position I’ve been seeing her in since freshman year. She shepherds us all together for poses and group shots, captures all the good moments and those we wish we didn’t remember the next day. She’s also responsible for pretty much all our profile pictures on Facebook. And, sure, we pull her leg for it ALL THE TIME, but in the span of just a few years, the difference in her work is stark. It stares at you in the face and you can’t help but be amazed.

'Melancholy' by Wajiha Khuwaja

A budding photographer with ambitions to work in the field beyond teh scope of university life, she’s spent months saving up to buy her dream camera, and then even more endlessly and painstakingly teaching herself how to work with it, as well as software that allows her to play around with pictures till she achieves the desired impact. And all the effort is worth it. The impact is powerful, with a strong message. Her black and white pictures evoke memories, the coloured shots speak of a vibrancy you thought was lost from the world. And each and every single shot actually looks like it’s been pored over, thought about, and tweaked with for days.

'Beauty in the Detail' by Wajiha Khuwaja

There’s a quote by Flannery O’Connor, it describes the purpose of fantasy fiction. “So real, it is fantastic. So fantastic, it is real.” These words, more than anything, truly capture the essence of what her work conveys. Whatever she may choose to pursue as a career, be it law or anything else, I hope she sticks with photography and continues to get better at it, and never, ever gives it up, because that would surely be a great shame.

To take a look at her portfolio, click here
p.s: don’t forget to comment and gush over the immense potential of this girl and her camera.


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  1. I’ve read so many magazine features about people in their 30’s who go back to university to study their dream degrees! It was SO inspiring to see the fulfillment in their eyes. You just know you’re in the right track when you feel your job is your “calling” 🙂


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