Blow your nose, Pop a pill

Winter has sneaked up on us this year. It whispered its way stealthily into our short sleeves, catching us unaware, leaving us with goosebumped arms and quivering shoulders. The seemingly sudden change in temperature makes this a time not only perfect for hot chocolate and secret cuddling, but also for nasty bugs and prolonged colds.

I’ve had one for a few days now and I’ve reached the point where it’s dangerous to keep me near sharp objects, because I’m ready to chop my nose off any second. I walk around, read in bed, and even sleep with a wad of tissues in my fist, and the crimson shade of my nose is stark enough to give poor old Rudolph a run for his money. And I’m not the only one. Everywhere I go, it’s sniffles and coughs and phlegm and fever. Enough is enough, I say. No need to act like a martyr, and stolidly refuse to ingest medication, and stick to the stubborn idea that it will wear itself off. It won’t! So if you’re one of those deluded souls who think a cold will go away on its own like a disinterested toddler who you can o longer amuse with peekaboo games, then I suggest you reconsider. Blow your nose, pop a pill, drink some damn tea and get over it!

Personally, I am over the moon that winter has come early this year. Apart from the annoying effects it has on my immune system, I really cant imagine being this happy in any other season. Freezing cold over heat and humidity any day! The whole ritual of dressing up, layer by layer, with boots clunking and gloves and hats acting as insulators- its almost therapeutic really. Now if nly it started snowing in Lahore too…


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