News, Views and End of Semester Blues

I would say that I haven’t had time to blog recently but in all honesty, I’ve had all the time in the world. I just haven’t had the will to blog. There is just so much crazy stuff happening recently that it really made me wonder why we bother with anything at all.

Let’s start with the pink elephant in the room. Osama bin Laden. So, allegedly, he was discovered to be living in Pakistan. As much as the news reporters like to emphasize that Abbottabad is some luxurious city and the house he was living in was a mansion of grandeur and opulence, I’d like to disagree. Certainly, Abbottabad is a military city and it is indeed 35-40 miles from Islamabad, and if it is indeed true that the US found OBL there then its pretty shameful for Pakistan: a) because maybe the military and civilian leaders knew about this all along and were part of the great deceit involved in hiding away the most wanted man on Earth b) they had no idea and were really stupid c)they didn’t act before the US did and thus looked ridiculous. emphasized by the fact that Pakistan’s military radars could not detect the US helicopters closing in. OBL’s place was not a ‘mansion’ by any standards, it was a compound home, one of many found in this country. Sure, it had high walls and a security system but what house in Pakistan DOESN’T? For further reference, Declan Walsh’s article in The Guardian is a great read:

Also, for more on the ‘his home wasn’t really a mansion’ debate:

insensitive, I know, but still funny

What kind of Islamic ritual is it to be buried at sea? I hadn’t heard of it before so if anyone knows, an explanation would really help. Otherwise, I am gonna stick to my own gut feeling that the ‘burial at sea’ is just another cover up and that either OBL was never really caught or that he died a long time ago and the US just used this entire fiasco to look heroic (plus, Obama does need these brownie points for re-election).

Whether or not the news is actually true, it’s going to lead to some major crises in Pakistan. This could be in the form of local al-Qaeda revolting and planting bombs in all the major cities and maybe using this “capture” as a way to gain more support in the rural outskirts and thus recruiting more militants. In the international arena, Pakistan is screwed. A superpower has announced that Pakistan is where OBL was, and now as if there wasn’t already enough heat on the country, there’s a whole damn conflagration and the only thing going up in flames will be the country. (But then again, that superpower keeps changing its story so authenticity isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind) Again, the question emerges, what will become of Pakistan? And again, the only answer is a shake of the head accompanied by a resigned sigh.

Change of topic. I now own a kitten! He’s white and fluffy and just a handful of weeks old. He loves shoes, and has slept in or tried to wear every single pair I own and thus I have named him Jimmy Choo. It’s fitting, I think. Taking care of him is really not as easy as I had though it would be, especially is a tiny dorm room. But it’s been a strange anthropological study of sorts and I’ve realised that men are not all that different from cats! A friend of mine tells me there are quite a few scientific studies out there that assert this same fact and I really don’t doubt it now. Jimmy wakes up, meows for some loving and I oblige him by rubbing his belly, then he nibbles my fingers to indicate he’s hungry. I set out some food and milk which he slurps up and then he saunters away to scratch at a carton or play with a belt thats lying around. That’s a cat’s idea of a days work. Soon he;s napping and wants his tummy rubbed again or his head scratched and then chow time again. At night, he curls up next to me but by morning he ends up taking more of the bed space up than me. So you see, not that far off from a man.

isn't he adorable!

The semester’s ending in a couple of weeks and although this brings the horrific realisation that final exams are just around the corner, it also means that in two weeks, we’ll all be seniors! It’s depressing and exhilirating at the same time. You want to graduate and get on with changing the world but at the same time, you want to stay sheltered and coccooned and within the great big bubble of LUMS. I’ve gotten through thsi semester okay, I think, as best as I could have. My fiction writing course was a great help, pretty much the equivalent of therapy and the only class that I could actually be bothered to attend regularly. Other than that, I’ll pull through somehow. And for the graduating seniors this year, we’ll miss you!



  1. my cousin’s dog used to do that to me… he’d manage to take up more space than me on a queen sized bed 😐


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