3 Months: Pause and Stare

Let us take a moment
to pause and stare
Pause and stare at the fresh grave.
At the immeasurable spoonfuls of dirt
that will soon fill
it to the brim.

Let us go
Let us embark on a journey
of thought, and descend
six feet under
to pause and stare some more.
Pause and stare
at the body that lies

the freshly cut nails,
the neatly trimmed hair.
One will yellow gradually,
the other will be nothing
but tufts and wisps
of dark brown.

Time has ceased.
Temporality is no longer
an affliction.
This body will lie forever,
Still and silent.

the glassy eyes slightly open.
They have witnessed the yellowing, falling leaves
Of only thirty Octobers.
the ears stuffed with cotton.
They have heard a crowd roaring, an audience clapping,
a baby crying.
These senses thrived for three decades
but now are dormant.
Not seeing, not hearing.

Let us go now
and ascend back into existence.
The moment to stop and stare
has passed.
It is time now
to let the spoonfuls of dirt
do their duty.

This poem is inspired by one of my all-time favorite poems,T.S Eliot’s “The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock”. Of course I am nowhere near Eliot’s genius but this is a little something I wrote in my Fiction Writing class today and without even realizing it, I was writing about my brother. 3 months later, he is still very much alive in my thoughts and will always remain so. His physical existence has ended, but in my poetic memory and in whatever I write, his presence is eternal. I hope he knows that, no matter what, I’ll always do my best to use my words to carry on his legacy.

P.S: You can find Eliot’s poem here: http://people.virginia.edu/~sfr/enam312/prufrock.html
Line 26-34 and lines 47-54 are perhaps my favourite.


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