Fashion Orgasm: Trying on Karl Lagerfeld

Those who follow this blog regularly or who know me personally are aware of the fact that I am pretty damn passionate about fashion. It goes without saying then that I think Karl Lagerfeld has been the best thing to happen to the world. Without him. we wouldn’t have the brilliance of Chanel, the hundreds of trends that he’s started, the eccentric ideas that he’s brought into the industry and, of course, the whole shock of white hair with mysterious dark-sunglasses-and-finger-gloves combo that he is never seen without.

White hair, check. Dark glasses, check. Gloves, super check. I'm also loving the rebelliously slacky bow-tie.

The other day, I did something that pretty much made up for all the crappiness that’s been in my life lately. It cheered me up liek nothing ever did before and I felt terrific. I tried on KARL LAGERFELD dress. Yes, indeed. I was at Dubai Mall with nothing to do and too much time to kill, so I strolled on over to Galeries Lafayette, fully aware that everything in there would be way beyond my price range but still determined to go inside. I though, Hey if nothing else, atleast I’ll get to see up-close and touch all those fab creations I’m always ogling at in the magazines.

Lo and behold, as soon as i entered and looked around, my eyes widened as they saw the bold, black letters of his brand on the wall on the far right corner of the store. Trying to appear calm and sophisticated, and not like some burglar who was about to grab a dress and run off, I walked casually over to that side, passing by collections of Missoni and Elie Saab on the way, and started running my hands over the rack of clothes hanging there. They were almost all black, all dresses. Dream come true! I started going through them as if leafing through a book, searching for the perfect one, until I stumbled across one that took my breath away. It wasn’t because it was ultra-glam or crazily ostentatious. No, definitely not. This is the Chanel man we’re talking about, minimalism pumps through his veins. It was all black and short, but not skankishly so, and oh-so-structured, with mega sleeves and a v-neckline and a defined waist. I loved its simplicity, and its fierceness both. It made a statement and yet it could be demure at the same time. I checked the tag, but found no dress size number (what was I thinking, its Karl Lagerfeld, not New Look!) but since it looked like I could squeeze into it somehow, I crossed my fingers, gingerly pulled the dress off the rack and walked determinedly towards the changing rooms.

Only he could carry that raggedy tote and make it look like a fashion must-have!

I was actually nervous! I eased into it and was giddy and delighted to realise it fit me perfectly. I usually feel insecure and paranoid when trying on new clothes and always have to scrutinise myself harshly in the mirror to make sure it looks good from every single angle, but with this magnificent creation, I didn’t have to! It clung nicely to all the right places, flaunted my body in a way no other dress had and was just so damn comfy at the same time (this was the best part because, usually, dresses that LOOK good actually feel really uncomfortable). I felt confident, and snazzy, like I could conquer just about any obstacle. I felt like a million bucks. It’s a shame the price tag had about the same amount on it though.

Yes, Karl dressed Barbie too, for her 50th birthday! Anyways, the dress I tried on was not exactly like this, but very similar in its structure and design. It looks so NORMAL here but it really was quite a masterpiece.


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