We Are Who We Are

It’s the penultimate year of university, and the gloom is starting to set in. We’re dreading graduation, scared of the moment when the bubble of LUMS will burst and we’ll be thrown out into the big, bad world, left to fend for ourselves. With just over a year left to go till we all depart our separate ways, not a day goes by when the though of the end doesn’t cross my mind.

It’s said that, sometimes, when you give words to something, you end up killing it. By giving this feeling linguistic felicity, I think I wouldn’t be doing justice to it. It doesn’t happen very often that words fail me, but they’re being so stubborn with this. So, rather than describing how we all feel, let me tell you who we are.

The Lawyer, Photographer and the Eager Hugger

She’s someone who makes you smile, instantly and constantly. Yes, we all bug her endlessly and make fun of her verbal diarrhea (“progressive progress”, anyone?), but the fact that she’s always such a good sport about it just shows you the immense capacity of her heart. Usually indecisive, but always ‘up for anything’, she’s this incredibly talented woman whose photography reveals more than just 1000 words, they capture an essence. Dependable yet dramatic, she’s the one we always turn to for comfort, anytime, everytime. I hope she never runs out of hugs and that she knows, despite all the obstacles, she WILL kick up a sexy storm in the courtroom.

The Environmentalist, Math Goddess and the Unquestioning

Another one of my all-time favourite people, she’s got the best heart around. Known for her eccentric quirks and cheesy humour, she’s entertaining, yet also incredibly focused. When I think of someone who is most balanced, in terms of having fun yet also doing well academically, her name is the first that pops into my mind. Never judgmental, always accepting, and rarely in a foul mood, she hasn’t got a single mean bone in her body. I love that she doesn’t litter and is so conscientious about how she affects those around her. She can never say ‘no’ but with her and her awesome music around, picture quality is always amaaazing!

The Senator, Philosopher and the Dramatically Inclined

My roommate and the sister of my heart, she’s someone who I always have a hard time describing, not because she’s complicated, but perhaps because there is just so much to her that I think I would run out of words. She loves the way love is meant to be, the way it’s described by the philosophers she loves to quote. She’s passionate about a million different things, and once she decides to go for something, she gives it her all, even though she’ll think about it again and again every now and then. She dreams and ponders, but I know for a fact she’ll make it all happen for herself, everything she’s ever wanted. And when it happens, I hope I’m there too.

The Writer, Fashionista and the Over-Thinker

It’s me. I think I’ve talked about myself enough on this blog without having to go on right now.

I hope we do it all, all the things that we’ve planned for ourselves, as a group and as individuals. Whether it’s opening a bohemian boutique in West Village, being a social worker, a DJ, or a bestselling novelist, we’ll conquer the world on our own terms. Be it in 5 years or 10, I hope that even then, we manage to maintain even just a semblance of the incredible friendship we’ve managed to cultivate over the past couple of years. Without you, university and all the experiences that come with it would not be what they are right now.

Forever Young, Forever Yours


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