Dubai, the weather, and the slothful life

I am FINALLY back in Dubai again.  I don’t think I had ever been so homesick as I had been the past couple of months.  I am just really relieved that the summer semesteris over and that I finally have some free time to spend doing anything, or nothing at all.  Note to self: do not unnecessarily take an extra semester when you have no practical need to do so. 

It’s funny but I never thought I would actually ever acceot the idea of Dubai being ‘home’ but I guess that is what its become.  I can keep denying it, but it’s where my family is, where I went to high-school, and where I have about a million memories of doing all sorts ofthings all across the city.  I will always still think of Toronto as a hometown but perhaps it’s time Dubai got a small sliver of space as well, eh?  Plus, it just makes me sound oh so global to have two cosmopolitans as my hometowns 😛  A citizen of the world, indeed!

I think the stifling heat of Lahore really got to me.  Sure, it’s hot in Dubai too but at least here, I don’t need to walk under the scorching sun across and all over campus to get to classes or go to the store.  Plus, there’s that main advantage of being in an air-conditioned environment without having to worry about power shortages.  So yea, Dubai heat is bearable mostly because I don’t have to deal with it, unlike that of Lahore, which hits me in thefaceand pretty much just stays there all day, every day.

Now I know I sound like a broken record, and I am sure there are about 15 different entries on this blog that can prove this, but I WILL get some writing done this time around.  The shopping goes on non-stop anyway so there’s really no need to plan that but I do definitely aim to continue work on my story and hopefully either get another chapter done or atleast a dozen pages more so that it finally has some plot direction.  I shall not be a slacker or a bum, or at least not all the time; my PJ’s are just too comfy to deny the possibility of not lounging around in them indefinitely.  But NO! I shall do what I aim to, it WILL happen…starting tomorrow…as soon as I Google strategies to stay motivated…right after I check out the sales again…after watching all the movies stored in my laptop.  See, I do have a plan after all!


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