Useless babble and a note on cellular devices

I don’t really have any specific thing to blog about today.  I actually haven’t signed on to the blog in a few days because nothing was really coming to me, and that’s alright because we all have days that are devoid of inspiration.  The come and go, like my thoughts, which are so scattered and interspersed that I am just going to be winging it on this post tonight.

The weekend is coming up and I couldn’t be happier.  It seems as if we all live from one weekend to the next with all the days in between passing by in a blur of abstraction, sometimes painfully slowly and sometimes speed-of-light fast.  This week has been a mixture of both: the first half was a horror to get through, with a massive assignment due and a quiz to give while this second half seems to just be happily skipping along without any obstacles.  No plans for the weekend quite yet, but just the thought of spending 2 days doing anything at all without any guilt about skipping classes (I can just hear my mom saying, “Your father doesn’t dish out money for your education so you can miss your classes!’) makes me smile.

Moving onnnnn.  A friend of mine made an interesting observation today.  We were all sitting at a table, and in front of each of us, right at the table’s edge, almost falling off yet not quite, were our cell phones.  They were poised EXACTLY in front of each of us, and a part of an arm or a hand or a leg was connected to it through touch.  And this friend just stood there, looking at us for a second, and remarked on how strange it is that our cell phones have become so much a part of who we are.  “Like an extra hand,” he said, and we all looked up at him in shock, silently trying to absorb the enormous truth of his words, yet almost wanting to vehemently deny it as base incredulity. 

We couldn’t though, it was undeniably true!  All day, every day, our cell phones are like our constant companions: we check it when we first wake up (perhaps using it even as an alarm clock), it’s with us all day long and we jolt awake as if out of a trance as soon as it rings or vibrates, searching in our endlessly large bags, overturning furniture to find it, not stopping at anything just as long as we do finally find it.  It even helps us end our days, as we use it to bid goodnight or farewell to whoever it is that cares.  Its a constant companion, our electronic best friend, it helps us out in sticky situations when it helps us pretentiously stay busy in an awkward situation and keeps us amused with its silly games while waiting at the clinic or in line.  No matter how much you refuse it, it really is true that we’re living in the Information Era, the age of the supremacy of all things technological.  Whether its a Crackberry, an iPhone, or Nokia’s latest gadget, our cell phones are not just tools we use in our lives, they ARE our lives.  Period.



  1. “It even helps us end our days, as we use it to bid goodnight or farewell to whoever it is that cares.” *cringes* so damn true.


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