From blog to business?

Someone suggested to me today that I could make money from this blog.

I felt like a traitor just considering it.  To me, this blog isn’t simply a webpage that I can host from a domain (or whatever it is you call it); it’s like my own personal sliver of the virtual world, a place that helps me get away from what goes on in the real world of everydayness.  I started this blog so I could practice writing regularly, and have an outlet of sorts on the days I need to rant and vent, because taking my anger out on others can hurt them but the blog remains silent and neutral, just the way I like it.

However, looking at it from a pragmatist’s point of view, this person did have a point.  I would have to buy a domain (or something like that) and link it to my blog.  Somehow the number of hits the blog gets per day figures into the equation as well, but I didn’t quite understand how.  There was also something about Adsense, and including little adverts (relavent to the content of the blog) that would earn me money everytime someone visiting the blog clicked on them.  Apparently it wouldn’t make me a millionaire, but it would provide me with some chump change to play with.  I think that’s the gist of it, or at least the gist of what I managed to derive from what I was being told.  I am technologically challenged, anything beyond the basic functions of the web such as IM’ing, opening my inbox, or checking movie ratings on IMDB truly baffles me.  Maintaining a WordPress blog is difficult enough (I JUST learnt how to tag my posts THIS month!) so how do I manage to turn it into a commercial depot?

I still don’t really know if I’ll go for it.  Having this blog is like owning a little, quaint boutique in West Village.  Making all the suggested changes to it would be like turning it into the next Wal-Mart!  I’ve decided to dwell on it during my vacation next week; that is, when I am not sleeping in till the sun sets, eating whatever tickles my fancy without worrying about how much it costs, and shopping impulsively every other day.


One Comment

  1. completely a personal choice. I’m studying marketing, and so I think I tend to look at it from that sort of viewpoint ( I know if my blog got a certain amount of visitors I’d definitely at least consider advertising). But that being said, I know where you’re coming from – there’s always that issue of personal integrity and “selling out”.

    If you want to do it, definitely go ahead. You definitely can still keep your integrity if you advertise properly. x


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