Another bomb blast in Lahore…and Louis Vuitton at Paris FW

Full calf-length skirts with wide hemlines and narrow bosom-y tops. SO wearable!

It’s going to be quite a dichotomous blog post today.

As the self-explanatory title states, there was indeed another terrorist attack in Lahore today.  Actually there were 2 suicide attacks that occured simultaneously in the same area, RA Bazaar in Cantt (which is basically an army-governed cantonment area that has both residential and commercial districts).  It happened just over an hour ago, at a time when most people were just heading out of their homes to attend the afternoon Friday prayers.  The two bombers were on foot and their main target was a military convoy that was passing through the area.  At least 20 people have been killed, and all main streets in the city have been cordoned off.

What good will it do now to shut down half the city?  The government had received threats that there would be militants entering the city but obviously that threat wasn’t taken too seriously.  The excuse they gave was that they get such threatening messages all the time.  And of course, when a provincial gov’t gets warnings about imminent dangerous events that will harm the populace, the smart thing to do is ignore them right? The result: 2 bomb attacks within 4 days, over 30 estimated lives lost with many more injured, a city under siege and its people numb and wary.  But I am not going to get into the semantics of all this again, it frustrates me; I see red and fail to understand the logic behind all this.  I have already questioned all this in an old blog post (“Pakistan Under Siege: What do you WANT?”) and I don’t want to sound like a broken record.

Time now to concentrate on the pretty stuff!  The Fall RTW collection from Louis Vuitton is GORGEOUSSSSSSSSSSS!  Designed by the one and only Marc Jacobs, the collection defined, in my opinion, the essence of romanticism.  The original concept was the inspirational decade of the 50s but I think all the clothes, with their soft, muted tones, and flirty hemlines, captured an idea that was more romantic that racy.  Calf-length skirts were the main feature, accompanied by cute little coats, and tops that were both conservative and cleavage-bearing.  Printed dresses were accesorized with waist-cinching belts that looked anything but severe and leather gloves in matching tones that added to the overall academic aura of the outfit.  It was almost like looking at the wardrobe for the next season of Mad Men.  The best part about it all was that Marc Jacobs actually used models that have curves!  He didn’t stick to the typical norm of using stick-thin pre-pubescent girls that merely act as hangers for the clothes, but rather used older models with bodies wider than a carrot stick .  From nearly 50 Elle Macpherson to Adriana Lima, who just had a baby a few months ago, the runway was awash with models who actually enhanced the beauty and sensuality of the clothes.

Some might say that the dull palette of the clothes, the matchy-matchy aspect of the accessories and the barefaced look of the models made the collection look a tad bit insipid but I would disagree.  Versace can afford to be va-va-voom and showcase stuff that is far from ordinary; Karl Lagerfeld can produce a whole collection based on full-body fur suits that no sane woman would want to be seen in; but Louis Vuitton is different.  An underlying essence of the romantic and the sensual radiated through each piece in the collection and Marc Jacobs managed to create an overall ensemble that was both subtle and sexy and true to the nature of the French fashion house.

A pleated leather skirt, and a shiny tailored jacket, what more can a girl ask for!



    1. Well when you live in that type of environment, it does become frustrating. At the same time, I can’t just ignore it, because that would mean I’ve gotten used to it. It would mean I’ve accepted it as a norm and the day we start doing that is the day the terrorists have won. We can’t let their activities get away as ‘normal’ no matter how frequently they occur.


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