My Fixation for Fashion

I have been experiencing a bit of ambivalence lately regarding my vocation in life.

I have known for quite a while that I want to make a living out of writing, its something I love to do and I think I am kind of good at it (though there’s always room for improvement).  So that’s why I am majoring in literature, it’ll help me get into both journalism and creative writing simultaneously because I can’t really make up my mind on choosing just one.

But I have this other passion of mine: fashion.  I haven’t blogged much about it because I feel it comes across as sounding shallow or materialistic, and I wasn’t sure if anyone reading it could really understand.  I don’t really know why I have this deep interest in the fashion world, but I do know I love looking at clothes and imagining different combinations with them.  I could spend hours going through collections online, and probably about a week in just one shop.  I change my outfits around 4 times everyday before finally settling on one, and I have a habit of making sure nothing I wear looks to ‘common’ or ‘ordinary’.

For some reason, I concentrate more on the wardrobe than the plotline in the movies and tv shows I watch (esp. Gossip Girl!)  During a few inspirational morning, I even make rough sketches of a few tops I’d like to make once I get my hands on the materials I need.  I love the idea that an era in time or a certain iconic figure can inspire entire collections and even establish evergreen trends.  For example, each decade has a distinct ‘look’ to it with reagrds to dressing and someone like the 18th century European socialite Marchesa Luisa Casati could become a muse for designers in the 2nd milennium!

I love how fashion bloggers and writers are so fixated on the mysterious, eccentric elusive figures of the fashion writing world.  You’ve got the queen of them all, editor of American Vogue Anna Wintour, with the King of couture Karl Lagerfeld.  Then there’s the editor of French Vogue Carine Roitfeld, Andre Leon Talley, and Cathy Horyn making up the lower tier.  There’s nothing more entertaining for me than reading about how the opinion of these people can either make or break a designer.  I adore Marc Jacobs and Marchesa, as well as Jason Wu, Balmain’s statement shoulders and sometimes Vera Wang.  I recently became the owner of my very FIRST pair of Jimmy Choos and I think the day I finally wear Chanel will be my happiest day alive.

So I have decided I am going to indulge in my love of fashion and write about it a bit more over here.  I am even trying to look into some short-term fashion illustration and fashion styling courses I can take during my summer and winter breaks.  Who says a person can’thave more than one field of interest?  I love to write and I love fashion so why not combine the two and write about fashion?



  1. Oh god… what’s happening to this world?:P

    Maybe you’re just fixated on one of those stages Dr. Freud described as the Elektra complex 😛 hehe


  2. lol so just because I love fashion and decided to disclose that on here, the world as you know it is ending? 😛 C’mon, a girl can be both smart and into clothes!


  3. hey i totally support this!!! in high school i was obsessed with fashion, pouring over photos from runway shows and even doing some sewing and designing myself… then decided it was too “shallow” for a career… then after experiencing some huge challenges in life and going on a bit of a hiatus, realized that fashion is something i am truly passionate about, and it was worth pursuing. fashion IS an art. it’s worth writing about. (ps. really enjoyed your article in thirds!)


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