Ivy League is just a click away..

We truly are living in the Technology age.  It’s the Information era of the hand-held laptop, with a screen just slightly bigger than the one on our Crackberries and iPods.  We’ve synchronised not only our playlists but our entire lives based on how fast our DSL connection is and how efficient our neat little metallic gadgets are.  A whole world built on 0s and 1s can now enable us to see, learn, understand and even question whatever we want, whenever we want and from whevever we want.  This is a time where anything and everything can be accessed within mere nanoseconds through the world wide web.  I had previously thought that the only way I could receive a Harvard education was by getting accepted at the mother of all educational institutions.  But I stand corrected.

During my last literature class, my professor recommended that we all take a look at www.academicearth.org.  What a find!  It’s got online lecture videos of every course imaginable from what I like to call The Big 5 (Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Yale & Stanford) as well as other equally reputed universities like NYU and UCLA.  From engineering and physics to IR and law, there are loads of subjects to look into, and the lectures are all given by professors who are truly awe-inspiring and the epitome of all that is brilliant.

I personally think my own Literature professor at LUMS is a force to be reckoned with; his passion for the subject overflows and floods the rest of us who sit there, listening captivatedly.  But after watching a lecture on Literary Theory by Paul Fry at Yale, I can see where my professor gets it from.  But then again, like my father says, all these ‘literary types’ are equally eccentric and a tad bit strange.  But isn’t that what makes them so appealing and awesome in the first place?

Nonetheless, the website is a hidden treasure.  I still cannot get over the fact that I can listen to lectures like ‘The Morality of Murder’ (Harvard) and “The World is Flat’ (MIT) simply by going on a website and putting my headphones on.  I hope that one day, even lectures given by the great faculty members of LUMS will be uploaded and watched and appreciated just as much, considering that LUMS has actually been hailed as the ‘Harvard’ of the subcontinent.  As sinister as the implications of high-speed virtual access may be with regards to fraud and sexual inappropriateness, the fact that it has led to me being able to attend a class at Harvard from my dormroom at LUMS is simply and literally nothing short of a miracle.  Thank you, you geeky, overly-horny and excessively introvert geniuses of Silicon Valley.



  1. Actually.. this is how i prepared for my modern physics course in 1st year.. i watched all the lectures on electromagnetism on youtube by walter lewin from MIT


  2. OMG… the morality of murder was amazing… so i kept watching his lectures… wow i’m so impressed and so deep in thought! its so stimulating! i’m glad u posted this 😀


  3. hi,
    I was fascinated by your blog. Especially since I have been googling LUMS since I heard about it at a dinner table conversation. I heard there is a guy in LUMS who worked on some fabulous “active matter” principles in biology- Shahid Khan. He might be one to take to the e-talks first.
    keep up the posts.
    sarhad ke uss paar se,


    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for dropping by my blog, I am glad you stumbled upon it and enjoyed reading it.
      Bookmark it and keep following up with it if you like, I talk alot about LUMS on here among other things. Or better yet, recommend other readers to it!
      Have a great day! 🙂


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