Why bother blogging?

For alot of people, blogging is the step that propels you into the real world of writing, by which I mean getting a novel published.  I’ve read a lot of blogs that have managed to do that for some lucky folks:

Stephanie Klein’s blog ‘Greek Tragedy’

An anonymous writer’s blog about her experience as a college call girl in New York

Julie Powell’s “Julie and Julia” which also was produced into a movie last year, and a really good one too, might I add.

So it’s pretty obvious that these people had real stories to tell that many people were actually interested in wanting to know.  So what I’m wondering is, what’s the point of my blog?  Is it just a virtual space for me to rant about the frustrations and trivialities of my life or is it something more?  I know that in some way, it does help me, in the sense that it makes me want to write a little something every day, even if it’s a mundane account of how funny the yoghurt tasted last Wednesday.  But is that really something people want to read? This brings up another question: am I writing this for myself or for others?

This blog has been viewed over 1200 times in the 10 months that its existed in the blogosphere.  It’s not a large number but this is a teeny, tiny blog in the big, bad, online world of blogs, so that number actually means something to me.  People are actually reading this.  Okay, so I have about a handful of regular readers who have even subscribed to the blog and often comment on my posts, which to me is phenomenal, because I can’t believe anything I write here is actually worth reading loyally. So thank you, guys 🙂  But what about the rest?  For example, 16 people viewed my blog today (thank you WordPress stats!).  If I assume 5 of them are regulars, who are the other 11, and how did they even find this blog?  What did they think of it, is it worth another virtual visit?

Its questions like these that cross my mind everytime I open up the webpage to blog some more.



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