Pakistan Under Siege: What do you WANT?


– In the past 2 weeks, more than 150 people have been killed as a result of terrorist activities

– 3 law enforcement compounds in Lahore were attacked on the same day, now known as the Bloody Thursday (Oct 15th)

– 2 suicide bomb attacks took place in an Islamic university in Islamabad on October 21st

– Many more bombs have been found and diffused in other cities across the country, including Peshawar and Karachi

– All schools in Sindh, Baluchistan, NWFP and Punjab have been ordered to shut down by the gov’t

– Colleges and universities in Punjab, both public and private, have also closed down.  This includes BNU, NCA, Punjab University and LUMS


The question that I pose to the perpetrators of these attacks is: WHAT DO YOU WANT?

Why is it that you choose to destroy your own country?  Why do you want to halt this country’s progress, blight its already-controversial image in the international arena, spread the germ of fear and hatred throughout its citizens, and ensure that no child can peacefully receive a proper education without being worried about a possible bomb blast in school?  What kind of twisted justification can you offer for all the havoc you’ve wrecked, for all the innocent lives you have taken, for all the sleep you have stolen from widows, orphans and grieving mothers?  What cause are you really fighting for, the perpetuation of your perception of Islam or the hidden agendas of other influential players that aid and fund your heinous actions?  What sadistic pleasure do you get out of going into bustling bazaars and blowing not only yourself but also everyone around you into smithereens?  Do you honestly think that makes you some sort of noble martyr, a shaheed?  Can’t you feel the abhorrence and antagonism everyone in this country feels against you and what you stand for or are you really so deluded that you think you’re actually doing us a favour?  Can’t you stop before it’s too late, before you cripple the country entirely so that it must remain subservient to the vested interests of a foreign superpower forever?  If you come from a poor and unprivileged sect of society, do you really believe that attacking schools and police compounds is going to improve your standards of living?  Can’t you see that the blood you’ve spilled of all the guiltless and absolved lives is not going to grant you the privileges of living in luxury or help you, in any way, to get back at the system that treated you unfairly?  When will you stop, when will it be enough?  Is there even a point of no return or are you far too removed from reality to imagine that life CAN be led peacefully without killing the unsuspecting?


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