Everytime you walk away, you take a piece of me

tangosilhouetteEverytime my phone vibrates, indicating an incoming call or a text message received, my heart leaps.  Every single time, I expect it to be you, I WANT it to be you.  And every single time, I am disappointed, and my sorry little heart goes back to its place and starts beating grudgingly slowly again.

How long will we play this game?  Walking along in convergence and then diverging unceremoniously every now and then has become a pattern, an unbreakable one that we can’t seem to escape from.  We hurt each other and hurt ourselves, wounded and scared, we lash out periodically, but I can’t keep this up anymore.  I want to break away, break out of this pattern, out of this habit.  Where do we go from here?

If my heart were a guitar, all its strings now would be worn out and weary, unstrummable.  The music would be gone and all that would remain would be a few meagre, mediocre beats emitted out of tune, pathetically wafting through the air aimlessly.  My heartstrings need repairing, they’re battered and broken, out of order, out of shape, out of line.  Fix me.


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