Procrastination 101

Its what I’ve been doing all day.  In fact, it’s what I’ve been doing all month, so much so that I know seem to think that this is what I’m meant to major in at university, Procrastination 101, and then Specifications of Procrastination 2214 and History of Proc 251, followed by Theory and Application of Proc 312. Imagine that on a resume: LUMS, BSc in Procrastination.  Employee of the month and the star of my mother’s eyes indeed is what I would be.

I blame it on my mediocre course load this term and NO, I am NOT complaining, not at all.  I have 3 courses, 2 of which require writing essays and creating complete BS that sounds intelligent enough to say out loud in class and watch the Prof squint her eyes and smile and nod, while the other is all about history and mythology, taught by a corny Amreekan dude who I could share a corndog with.  I mean really, need I say more?

I have no quizzes, just assignments to do and epic poems to read, nothing that would make me bang my head repeatedly against the wall out of sheer frustration coupled with the stress of deadlines, the whooshing sound of which I enjoy hearing as they pass me by (Okay I got that last bit off a bumper sticker).  All in all, it’s a chilled out couple of months.  I do hate that phrase though, “chilled out.”  Cold, fuzzy drinks are chilled, beer thats been in the freezer too long is chilled, a strawberry daiquiri is chilled.  A human beings state of mind is NOT capable, biologically or otherwise, of being “chilled out.”

And, so, I spend my days Facebook-ing, Gmail-ing, shopping, occasionally reading, and watching endless TV shows and catching up on all the movies I haven’t watched in the past 5 decades.  It’s an easy life.  And if anyone dares to remind me that Midterms are next week or the assignment I haven’t yet started was due yesterday, I smile breezily, shrug my shoulders, adjust my sunnies and say “It’s okay, yaar. Chill out.”



  1. enjoy it while you can…

    and yep..i’d be the dean of procrastination studies,
    an MA in Doin Nothin…

    and if you wanted to meet me, you’d have to come at 12pm to my home…cos i wont be in me office – it defeats the purpose!


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