I Like…

…the mushy taste of eating salty crackers dipped into sweet, strong tea

…Charlie, the 2 evil unicorns and the insecure, hysterical starfish ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaCCkfjPm0o )

…the taste and the high of the first sip of Coke (from a can)

…suuuuussshhiiiiii, and the fact that it grosses my mom out that I harbour a preference for raw fish

…acting like a sleaz-ball and making sexual innuendoes with my gals

…saying ‘whattayyyyy’ in a Lahori accent, thus enhancing aforementioned sleaziness

…being right, or pretending very hard to ensure I sound right

…wake-up calls, and goodnight, sleep tight text messages

…the smell of rain before a thunderstorm, the brilliance of lightning during a thunderstorm and the quiet aftermath that succeeds it, not including the worms and frogs that come out from hiding afterwards

…working out to Britney songs (oh yea, Gimme moreeeeee)

…lighting up a cigarette twice, just ’cause

…candy cola bottles, and sour peach belts *yummmmmm*

…pouting, posing, and making a sad face just to have my way

…being awake while everyone else is asleep, imagining it to be my way of being sneaky and stealing time

…watching you watching me

…wondering about the semantics of all the ‘what ifs’ that my life revolves around

…dancing like noone is watching

…girls nights out to the tikka place, followed by yummy meetha paan

…the old rogue-ishness of McSteamy, McDreamy’s proposal (despite Meredith and her wrinkly forehead which is screaming out for a Botox shot), and Burke’s old wedding vows, Henry (even though they killed him off), Hunt as Chief

…watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s and talking a la Mz Hepburn for days afterwards

…weird, unusual words like ‘pied’, ‘muliebrity’, ‘persimmon’ and ‘alizarin’

…the satisfying feeling after writing a REALLY good and original metaphor

…not being an afterthought

…that first jolt of caffeine after my morning cup of tea


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