Hello world!

Finally! I’ve taken the leap and started my own blog.  I’d been contemplating it for quite a while now but thats about it, all I would do is think about it and not bother doing anything about turning those thoughts and brainwaves into action that would manifest those thoughts into an actuality.  But I have now, so relax.

I guess why I hadn’t done this before was becuase I was a bit scared.  Okay, I admit, I was terrified.  Still am, to be honest.  What scares me is wondering why anyone would want to read anything I have to say.  Or worse, what ifI have nothing to say at all?  What if I am unable to fill up all this empty space and just stare at the keyboard while it mocks me and my ineptitude? 

Now that we’re done with the pleasantaries, congratulations to me for finally getting over it.  Well maybe not a 100% but I definitely don’t pee in my pants anymore when I think about all this. Okay, maybe just a little.

I’m not quite sure how to go about this still.  I mean, when I write here, who do I address it to?  I mean do I write something like “you know those times when…” or do I use that really horrendous subject “one”? Because honestly, how does one really know whom one is adressing?  *shudder* Reminds me of an uptight, prissy old mother-in-law, the one who raises her pinky when holding her cup of tea and looks at you like you’re 2 cm tall and not worthy of even her cursory gaze.  Yea, I think Ill just wing it.

So anyways, now Ill be horribly cliched and say something like “Welcome to my blog”. Welcome to my blog.



  1. here i am, being kind: WOW! What depth..what thought what non-ineptitude, what courage, what wit, what writing….

    *one of the above comments is/might be true*



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